Foreigner Loan

Foreigner Loan

It can be quite hard to enjoy any sort of vacation if you are having a lot of financial difficulties. As you probably know, money is a very huge factor that affects how your trip can go. It is important to have some contingency funds with you at all times, because there may be some untoward incidents that would arise during the length of your stay. For example, you might have thought of spending your vacation in the Lion City. However, your flight might be delayed or you might have overspent on your shopping spree. Such cases are not that rare, since people do tend to lose track of their expenses especially when they are enjoying themselves. That can be quite a problem since you would have to return to the hotel and stay for an extra night, if you find it inconvenient sleeping at the airport. Rebooking your flight can also be quite expensive.

If ever you find yourself stranded in Singapore, you should quickly go to Advance Cash. We are one of the main Moneylenders that cater to foreigners who are in need of quick cash. Ever since our inception in 2010, we have provided loan services to countless foreigners, most of which are on their vacation. There are a lot of them who prefer dealing with us compared to banks and other money lenders because of the great convenience and customer service that we have provided them with.

There are some opportunistic moneylenders out there who operate under the guise of providing assistance to stranded foreigners. Little did these people know that they will only be victimized because of the hidden charges that they would be asked to pay and for the increasing interest rates that will be imposed on them. As if to add insult to injury, these bogus lending institutions give people a hard time when it comes to loan applications. They ask for a lot of requirements and they take a long time before being able to process the loan applications.

We at Advance Cash can empathize with the great difficulties that you had to endure as travellers who have run short of cash. We understand that you have been going through too much stress already, and that you would want to get the money right away so that you can continue to enjoy your stay or rebook your flight. As such, we have devised ways that would make everything easier for you.

As long as you have sufficient identification documents and a clean record, you would have very little trouble or no trouble at all when filing for a loan. You would not have to waste any time at the hotel, fretting about whether or not your loan application has been approved. Your cash advance will be available as soon as your application is processed.

The payment terms are also quite friendly, since we offer very low interest rates. Aside from that, our services charges are significantly smaller than those that are being charged by other money lenders.